Facial Treatments

* Facial Treatments

DMK Enzyme Therapy:

One of the most advanced skin care systems available, this enzyme treatment is my most popular facial and is the key to healthy, youthful looking skin.  You will experience a customized treatment that will dissolve dead cell build up, increase cellular activity, re-nourish and rebuild the skin, remove toxins and stimulate new collagen and elastin resulting in tighter, firmer skin.  This will leave your skin with a cleaner and clearer complexion.  Recommended and great for all skin types.  Experience the “instant” face lift!

Be ready to make the commitment and achieve the skin you have always wanted to have!

*$125….75 mins
*$150…90 mins (multiple enzymes used)

Customized DMK Add Ons Available:

  • A-Lift
  • Bihaku
  • Instant Lift
  • Muscle Banding
  • Pro-Alpha Six Layer Peel
  • Prozyme

Back Treatment

A deep cleansing treatment for a hard to reach area. Great for people who experience issues with acne on their back.  Includes exfoliation, pore extraction and purifying mask

  • $75….45 mins

Danne’ Enzyme Facial Series

6 customized enzyme treatments.  Make the commitment to healthier, younger looking skin!  This is truly an effective skin revision that will produce results.   A facial series is highly recommended for people who are experiencing issues with acne, pigmentation or dull sagging skin. You will receive 1 treatment for free when you purchase a series.

  • 6 Treatments: $650…..90 min each treatment
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