Sara’s Weekly Healthy Skin Tips

Check out my weekly Skin Care Tips!

Sara Pose’s Skin Care Tips

 #1…One thing that I have noticed since moving to the “big city” is how dirty my hands feel throughout the day. On and off  subway trains, shopping and walking all over the city while constantly using my GPS on my phone to find my way.  Next thing I know I answer my phone…GROSS!! Our phones are huge carriers of bacteria and who knows what else?  This bacteria can definitely contribute to acne and congestion close to the ear area as well as around the corners of your mouth & chin which can be very common area for people to break out.

Sara's Skin Care TipsSo…I picked these up at Whole Foods and absolutely just love them! CLEAN WELL- all natural, alcohol free sanitizing wipes for the hands and face. Wipe your cell phone down daily and keep your skin clean and healthy! Clean wipes are biodegradable and come in a fresh orange vanilla scent, pick yours up today.

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    3 comments on “Sara’s Weekly Healthy Skin Tips

    1. Thanks for the great advice! Ill pick some up today :)

    2. great post thanks for sharing…………..

    3. All natural is the greatest.

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