When I went to Sara when i was having major skin issues, i am in my mid-20s and haven’t had acne for 10+ years. All of a sudden my skin started breaking out again, I saw 2 other facialists and did not have much luck, also proactiv was not working for me. I went to Sara for a series of facials and after the 4th treatment saw absolutely AMAZING results. I highly recommend her to anyone…………Janet

I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

I have been receiving bikini waxes for over 12 years, and none has been as quick and painless as with Sara. Her work is outstanding, and she makes you immediately comfortable with her knowledge and know-how. I have also received eyelash extensions, and spray tanning services from her. All services were above and beyond my expectations!…………Nicole

Bronzed and Beautiful!

I went in to see Sara Pose because she offered spray tanning. Not the kind of spray tan where you stand in a booth and hope that the machine sprays you evenly–but a professional airbrush tan that went on beautifully! I was a little nervous because I am very fair skinned, but it went on so fantastic that I am truly hooked! I will never go without a tan before an event, a special occasion, or just a night on the town. It makes me not only look great, but FEEL great as well. I bought a package right away. I recommend everyone to try it–you will not be disappointed………….Natalie

Sara’s the Best!

Sara has by far delivered the best results I’ve ever seen! After the birth of my son, my hormones went crazy and I had acne for the first time in my LIFE. I tried just about every product that claimed to eliminate acne, to no avail. I went to see Sara, and I immediately began to see change! The product line she uses is second to none and her fees are often less than her competitors. Sara is very warm and caring and she absolutely LOVES what she does! She’s the only person my mother, my daughter and I trust for our skincare needs. Thank you Sara!…………..Jeneice

So Thankful!

Sara and her skincare knowledge has taken my skin from chronic acne to clear and healthy! Her treatments are amazing and the results are obvious. I am so grateful for what she has done for my self esteem!…………..Jessica

Why would you trust anyone else with your skin?

I had my first facial 5 years ago with Sara and will never go anywhere else. It was absolutely amazing. The product line that Sara uses is Danne and that too is amazing.We all know how wonderful your skin looks and feels after receiving a facial but with using this product line it continues at home as well. I love my danne products; all natural and easy to use and very affordable. I have given many of my friends (both guys and girls) gift certificates for facials and every single one of them have been soo happy with the results and are now a client of Sara’s. I highly recommend that you go to Sara Pose if you dream of having beautiful glowing skin…………Adrienne

Sara’s the best.

I have trusted her with my skincare for over five years. i will follow her where ever she goes. she does the best job. she’s great!!…………Jason

Always Satisfied!

Sara’s got the magic touch. Not only can she make my asian brows look good, she makes my skin look and feel great. She’s made my short lashes naturally look a mile long. Love her services, her product and her professionalism. I am a client for life!………….Lyn

Still fabulous

I used to drive from LA to see Sara years ago when she worked in a downtown salon. I got hooked on her relaxing facials and extensive knowledge about all things beauty (I would even ask her for hair and make-up advice.) I recently relocated back to the San Diego area and my skin went crazy. I suffered from severe acne breakouts and NOTHING was helping. I went to my doctor and got several prescriptions for my skin and I attempted to use another aesthetician. Even though I am on a budget, I was so tired of having broken-out skin that I decided to look up Sara again. Luckily I found her and she was better than ever! The best part is, since she is using a better skincare line (Danne) I am seeing even better results. I kid you not, I had perfect, clear skin after the very first facial. I couldn’t be happier with the results. A Sara facial is definately worth the money…………..Layre

Fabulous Facials!

I found Sara through Google and then Kudzu. She had great reviews and I immediately called her for an appointment. She was able to get me in right away. I was impressed by her knowledge of products and skin issues! She was very warm and was able to help me determine the kind of issues we should be focusing on with my skin. The facial was fabulous and I booked another appointment for the following month before leaving. She is a talented lovely person who is providing wonderful services. Highly Recommended!……………Sherry

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