Meet Sara

Sara Pose Bleiweiss has been a practicing esthetician for over 13 years.  Through dedication and continuous education, Sara has proven that she delivers results to her clients. One of her fondest beliefs is that taking care of your skin is a commitment. Things do not happen overnight and there is no one single miracle product or treatment that will change your life. There are so many different products and treatments out there it can be confusing on who to trust and what really works. Let Sara become your partner in helping you achieve the skin you’ve always wanted. With her experience she will listen, ask questions about lifestyle and help you get to the root cause and find out what is “really” going on with your skin!

After recently relocating to New York from San Diego Sara left her business behind but her passion for helping people with their skin has remained. She has opened a treatment room in Williamsburg and continues to offer her expertise by appointment only. All treatments are 90 min and will include a thorough consultation and home care prescription.

Sara is a certified DMK distributor, educator and paramedical esthetician. If you are looking to purchase products or interested in becoming a DMK account holder please contact Sara @ 347-601-4161.

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